Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Books and general disgust with human kind

Spend the night shift watching video recorded lectures in Animal Behavior course from last year. Fascinating stuff to the bone, especially since the prof makes sure to present, for each theory, a proof of existence in the animal kingdom, and then a contradicting proof. Very nice.
Then again, he also spoke about how reflexes were checked and studied with animals who got their brains cut off from their spines. I've heard of very few worse things done to conscious, thinking, sensing living organisms, and those were mostly done in concentration camps and inquisition basements. Our infinite curiosity, which we so praise and admire and boast about, is so immorally fed it's disgusting. And then we go about saying killer whales tossing about a seal pup, or a lion preforming infanticide is horrible cruelty. We really should have stayed on treetops if that's what out big fat cortex's gotten us doing.

On a lighter note, I finished Hogfather. Quite, quite delightful. Even more delightful than I thought. If I'll speak any more praises on what I liked about the book I'd be spoiling you all, and that's not very nice. I'll only say that after a few Discworld books read, the whole mental picture of the world comes together as events mentioned are linked together from the various books and a real sense of a history to this imaginative world appears. The one following behind quite nicely on that department is J.R.R Tolkien, but when he tells of his world's history it's a lot like the olden times' history lessons with too many jumbeled names in your head and bits of history told too quickly or too briefly. Don't get me wrong, I love how solid J.R.R's world feels due to its creator's hard work, and the sense of a boring history lesson only makes it more linked to real life experiences, but Pratchett's lighthearted humor is for some reason a better anchor (in my mind anyway) to reality in my mind.

Am now reading Alan Levy's Nazi Hunter about Simon Wiesenthal, who's a bit of a hero of mine.

Also, In eight days we're getting out little Scarlett home, *squee*

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