Thursday, November 22, 2007


Got my birthday present from mah sistuh in the mail today:
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Not including the fluffy cat in a bowl, I got three Terry Pratchetts (Mort, Colors of Magic and Reaper Man), a set of stickers made by sis with sis' art, a scarf my sis made (it smells like your house, sis, it does!), two chocolate bars made of endangered animals helping to save endangered animals and fair trade and a lump of white chocolate with strawberry cream and another lump of black chocolate inside *drools* nice, no? Thankie sis!

Also this morning was extra energetic for Mr Sam Cat who went zooming in and out of his toy paper bags (don't ask me why, he just loves them) so I made a video of the little devil:


Sandie Lee said...

Thank you for sharing your video with kittypix. He is just toooo cute. What a great thing to get start my day off with. Hope you, Mr. Sam, and family have a wonderful Thanksgiving. *tummy nuzzles for Mr. Sam*

Michal said...

you're so welcome, sis! sorry about your present arriving so late. I blame amazon...
Sam is huge! he's so adorable. when are you picking miss Scarlet up?

Meirav Rath said...

when are you picking miss Scarlet up?

OMG, you won't believe it; WE'VE PICKED HER UP TODAY!! in fact, as I type these very words she's battling with the keyboard over my attention!! >.<