Monday, November 5, 2007


Mixed toluene with hydrogen peroxide.

It did not fizz. It did not bang.

Well, poo; I was looking forward for a bit of sparks *sigh*

My prof was as excited about this attempt at explosion as I was and had glitters in his teeny moleman eyes, as he babbled about what not to mix with hydrogen peroxide (which included what the germans used for their V2s) but no such luck happened as to give us the entertainment we wished to unleash upon ourselves.
Apparently, Prof has been mixing and fiddling with chemicals since he was a kid. Suppose all geeks start like that but it's only those who survive the explosions get to university to make great people of themselves. Survival of the luckiest, I guess.


Kevin Z said...

Can't have it all! I found today that mentos and coke do not mix. If you put a mentos in your mouth and take a big swig of coke it fizzes up in your mouth. Likewise, if you drop a few mentos into a coke bottle it will fizz over and instantly make the soda flat. Something in it take up the CO2.

Implications for our bellies? hmmm...

Meirav Rath said...

Kevin, You found out about it now? It's been on YouTube since forever; a couple of stupid kids in a video about how not to end up with your share to the gene pool.

Kevin Z said...

I'm not as hip as I used to be lol.I was at the bar with a couple coworkers and somehow it got brought up so we went to the corner store and bought mentos and a coke, it didn't work so well with the beer lol

Meirav Rath said...

Go figure what's in both menthos and pepsi that makes that particular combination extra bubbly. It makes me want to stay away from both things; too much chemicals in these days' commercial foods.