Sunday, November 18, 2007

Birthday post, Sam silliness and movie reviews

Happy Birthday, Nicole!! Good luck with that exam, huh *nudge nudge*

A couple of days ago Sam was folding himself feline-ly in the glass bowl mom used to use for decoration on the living room coffee table (and which is now a Sam bed) but was somehow unable to obtain his balance properly so he fell. The little guy was in a smeared state so he just spilled onto the table, folding himself up only when me and dad laughed enough. Here is the documentation of said event:

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Starting to gather his self dignity back
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"C'mon, you guys, leave me alone, will ye?"
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A perfectly elegant "'Gat a problem?"
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1. Eastern Promises - Nice movie, though the plot's logical existence hangs on too thin a thread for my comfort. I liked how the movie insisted on showing everything as realistic as possible from slit throats to newborn babies and a fight scene with Viggo Mortensen completely nude (which was, I admit, distracting, like all nudity). The best thing was how the hidden world of the Russian mafia and its symbols were not views in a kind of tick-the-box way of characters naming every tattoo on each other to give explenations; the only character who explained tattoos was a coroner and explained only two tattoo's meanings, for the audience to understand that tattoos do mean something. There was no obvious effort by the script writer to say "Look! We did research 8D". Very not-Hollywood, this film, which was very refreshing.
2. Stardust - Can't say that many praises on this film as I did for the previous one, sadly. The plot was very interesting, despite the already well chewed subject of fairytales with princesses, magical creatures and witches, there were small details you just had to love, like the literally blue blooded princes or the lightning catchers. The film didn't lack its bursts of creativity and cleverness. The dialogs, however, could have used some more working on and some plot twists were just too abrupt, as if the plot's been crammed into too short a film. I mean, come on, if audiences tolerated films as long as Lord of the Rings, they can tolerate a slightly longer but better told plot, especially when the plot's much thicker and vital than LoRT's. The most unpleasant thing, however, were the final showdown with the witch (which I will not ruin but it's sufficed to say it could have ended wonderfully without her death) and Captain Shakespear's character; the stereotypical description of his behavior linked to his preference (trying not to spoil you guys) is insulting, really. Too Hollywood, I say, on this movie.

Last but not least. I've learned of a new animal today! The Binturong or bearcat. Look at that animal! Isn't it quaint?


Nicole said...

Aw, thank you. :3

Sam is so adorable. I love when cats do something silly and get embarrassed. Falling off a chair only to start cleaning themselves, like "YEAH, I always fall off things before I start washing my legs, what of it?!". I should stop madly personifying my pets.

Meirav Rath said...

We all personify our pets, cats especially bring about this slight mental problem, probably due to their supreme intellect overwhelming ours.

Nicole said...

Handy graph.

Meirav Rath said...

I know that graph, it is so true it's frightening.

twsakura said...

Sam's a cutie. <3