Saturday, November 10, 2007

Birthday post

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeeee *takes deep breath* happy birthday to me!

How did I celebrate the birthday? Well, last night I worked the night shift at the call center (where I work, BTW, helping people with leased company cars do all kinds of stuff to repair their stupidity's result with their vehicle). My old high school friend, Aran, came around with his laptop to make the night go faster as we played Bubble Bobble and first addition Prince of Persia until the morning.

Then, as I came home, me and the parents drove our ass to some half-remote new neighborhood in Jerusalem to go see Sam's new girlfriend, Scarlett The Lovely. I have to say it amazes me how clever these particular creatures are; both her and her brother had such piercing, investigating, looks in their eyes as we pranced around them (we're a cat-worshiping family - we prance around our devotion's subjects), like they were trying to understand what we were saying to them.
So, I promised pictures and I deliver!

Here's the lady held by her human mom;
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And here's dad with his catch, Scarlet the Lady;
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And now for a report of the most important part of birthdays; getting things from other people! This birthday the theme was on books and here's a full list:

From parents:
* Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk
* Portnoy's Complaint by Philip Roth
* The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
* The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley
* Witches Abroad & Hogfather by Terry Pratchett
* Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
* Day Watch & Twilight Watch by Sergey Lukyanenko

From Cait, the lovely beta:
* Ouran High School Host Club vol.1 by Bisco Hatori
* Hellsing vol. 8 by Kouta Hirano
* An End of Education - Redefining the Values of School - by Neil Postman

From myself to I (sad, I know):
* Following Alice - A Journey to the World of Lewis Carrol - by Haim Shapira
* Setting the Desert on Fire by James Barr
* History, Memory and Propaganda - The Historical Discipline at the Beginning of the 21st Century - by Yoav Gelber
* The Golden Warrior by the delightful-to-read Lawrence James
* Homosexuality & Civilization by Louis Crompton

AND there are more coming from the sister soon ^_^ all in all, quite a good catch, I'd say.

And now I think I'll get back to gaining back some sleeping hours...


"the Dude" said...

Happy belated birthday!
(just hopped from behav ecol blog.)

Pheomelanin in rock hyraxes effects on rank?

I've just been looking at the caves on Mt Carmel and their former (possibly red haired?) neandertal occupants, fascinating.

~shalom~salam~peace be within~

ps. anata wa nihongo o hanase masuka?
pss. Know any single lady free-divers that could use a dive partner? ;)

Kevin Z said...

Happy Birthday from your spineless friends!

Meirav Rath said...

The Dude: Salam alekum. Were the neandertals in Mt Carmel red haired? I thought the suspected ginger cavemen were far north than that, but this would also be interesting (do you have a link?). Free divers...hmmm...I don't know many myself but maybe if you dropped by Eilat you'd find a few; they're quite keen on all kinds of diving there.

Kevin: Thank you!!

dude's link said...

meirav, here's an analysis of the neandertals by John Hawks, it's just my guess that neandertals had red hair, with shades of lightness and darkness, (as seen in orangutans of Borneo and Sumatra).

(click the link)

Meirav Rath said...

So basically they don't know the gene that makes the protein which synthesizes pheomelanin...clever people...*sigh*

Sarah said...

Happy birthday, Meirav!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

Meirav Rath said...
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Meirav Rath said...

Thank you, Sarah!!

"the Dude" said...

I guess they're Not Quite There Yet..;)

Meirav Rath said...


Pat said...

happy birthday! (oh no it's too late)

Nicole said...

Happy birthday!

This is 'copy' from Livejournal, I haven't been online much so I only noticed your move to here.

Your birthday haul looks pretty good.

Meirav Rath said...

Yay! Thanks, Nicole, yeah quite a haul indeed but you can never have enough books so it's OK XD