Thursday, February 28, 2008

book report and a second project and a break

* Spoke to Mr Animal Behavior Proff and he was very pleased with the results of the poll (check it out, it's insane) as I said I'd like to do a research project on the subject he gave me his office number and said he has a masterant and a doctorant working on cat-related subjects so I might find a home there *squee*

* Finished Churchill's Their Finest Hour in The Second World War series (two down, six to go) and here's my book report:

The hard struggle of England's first few years in the Second World War are nicely depicted by Churchill's usual flowing language and dry humor.
His view of the Battle Over Britain might not be that of the citizen who was there to huddle in the Anderson shelter, but it's a vivid and fascinating description nonetheless.
This book was not as navy-obsessed as the first one, but in this book since Churchill had many reins in his hands, he insisted on bringing every memo, every letter and every note to have ever left his table to the book, which is very distracting and quite tiring, actually.

All in all it's a good book, there's hardly any bombardment of boring small technical details and the excitement of the war's made Churchill's writing juicy and adventurous. Also, it's one leader's point of view and not that of a soldier on the line or a minister of foreign affairs, all perspectives which together can give the whole picture.

It's a goods book, I recommend reading it, but I don't recommend taking every word in it for the complete truth

Am now reading: Stephen King's Nightmares and LOLerscates Dreamscapes which aught to be fun as any other Stephen King book.

* The BF business is over. The way which lead it to be over makes me want to get over it quickly and with as little effect on me as possible. Suffice to say is that experience with communication is acquired during relationships with women (if one has the want in them to learn, which the now-ex-bf had very little of) and only through said experience. Here's another 'requirement' to go on my 'what to look for in a partner' list.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about the break with your BF. I wish you to find someone else... someone, who deserves you more. *loves*