Monday, February 18, 2008

The puppy response

Hello, my name is Meirav Rath and I'm an attention whore. You give me attention, I'll be your best pal in the whole wide world.

I'm walking around the university today and run into my project's proff who's very responsive and smiley to my surprise. Enter attention whore. So I explain what I've been doing in the project so far (a.k.a what I did three weeks ago when I was NOT too lazy to sit to work on it...) and he mentioned a different graphics software I can work with. As a suggestion. He does not disapprove of what I already do or has any negative response to my 'reports'. Instead of saying "well, that'd sound like a good idea for ANOTHER RESEARCH" os something on the line of that, I say something on the line of "oh, yeah, that sounds great, I'll start redoing the whole thing with this software, what's its name again? ^_^ *wags puppy tail*". I'm more than halfway through with this project, but by god I'll re-do it ALL OVER AGAIN because my proff was nice to me *headdesk*

Go on, hit me, I deserve it *le sigh*

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