Thursday, February 14, 2008

*is a little stunned*

I'm not dead, I'm just stunned. Kidding.

OMG, look at the review I just got for my first chapter >.<

It's too bad you don't take any anonymous reviews. I ended up creating anaccount purely so that I could review your story! Now I know that sounds weirdand maybe a bit stalkerish, but hear me out. I've read your story two timesthrough now without a single comment. (The first time I was so obssessed withknowing what happened next I didn't want to stop for even 5 minutes to review,I have no excuse for the second time except maybe my horrid laziness.) Ifigure that your story deserves way more than my measly comments, butreviewing is the only thing I can do for you. You really deserve to know justhow highly I thought and still think of your writing, so I vow to coment everychapter of the revised version to make up for my silence. Your storyabsolutely blew me away the first time. I'm not that into AU stories but I wasso impressed with your's that I couldn't stop reading. It actually had a plotand characterization (not to mention some of the greatest animes combined). Ialso fell in love with Alex. Not love like, "Oh please whisk me away and marryme". It's more a sort of love that left me speechless and wanting to know more(bad explanation, maybe obssession's a better word...). Hopefully you includemore of his backstory here. Everytime you mentioned a tidbit of his past Ikept hoping more would follow it. He's such a complex character and I'm veryinterested in learning what makes him tick. With any luck more will berevealed this time. I am very excited to see the revised version. Thebeginning is so different from the other one I wondered if I had clicked theright link for a second! There's definately more description and imagery (APenglish coming through, sorry), but I can tell that you're not trying to rush.You are telling the story for the sake of sharing it, not to rush to an endingand moral. I eagerly await the next chapter!

Oh dear lord, it's too damn bad is down for two days now because I want to answer this person's review and warship them a little for leaving such an amazing review. Seriosuly, this is the stuff that makes my muse breath, people; the affirmation that I'm not just cackaling madly to the great internet spaces, that I reach someone, that they like what I cackle. It's such an amazingly good feeling, wow!

And, yay! My LOL cat has made it to the front page!!

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