Monday, March 10, 2008

New Legend Chapter, my two cents about humanity, cool science vids

* The new Legend chapter is out, many thanks to Nat, Eddie Baby, for beta-ing it. To see the new chapter go to either my original fiction LJ or

* E.O. Willson says the reason for animal extinction can be summed up as HIPPO.
Habitat loss
Invading species
Population (of humans)
IMO I and the second P are one and the same. We should have never left centeral Africa...

* I've been neglecting the Fun Links Time tradition, haven't I? Here's something to make it up for you guys: Top 10 Amazing Chemistry Videos (and they really are amazing) of course Brainiac's got a foothold there, how couldn't it have? I heard the latest season has my good old friend, Vic Reeves in it instead of the Gorodetsky-like former presenter. Couldn't think of anyone other than Mr Reeves to do this sort of show XD speaking of crack!

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