Thursday, December 27, 2007

Stuff from life lately

* The company I work in has an evening out in a restaurant for the workers. Me and another girl are doing shift at the call center. I ask for food delivery and, as drinks to go with the food, we get diet coke....because all women are obsessed with their weight and want to drink diet...

* Signed up to the university gym with the BF to help BF get into shape together. I hate the atmosphere there, so full of people high on adrenalin and obsessed with how firm the other's butt is compared to theirs and how more defined their abs are than the abs of the guy on the next treadmill. However, said gym has a swimming pull, which is hella-cool.

* Mom and Dad had their birthday this week, dad's is tomorrow and mom's was this monday. Happy birthday parents!

* Still no sign of an end to the lecturers' strike and now there's both a deadline beyond which the semester (and the year, probably) will be canceled and a threat from the universities to get the lecturers back in the classrooms via court warrents.

* Staring at many hyrax pictures, I'm beginning to see two fur patterns repeating themselves. Whether I'm bothered with gracing my proff and project guide with this is questionable since I'm not sure they'll pay attention or take me seriously.

* Attention all LJ friends, you can sign in with your username when commenting on this blog ^_^


Anonymous said...

Look, look! I'm signed in with LJ!


Anyway, down with diet cola!

Anonymous said...

That strike seems to last forever.
I hope they will find the solution soon.

And what about the cats? :) Any new pictures?