Friday, December 21, 2007

Fun Link Time!

Yup yup, long time not fun link, huh? Well, it's back again and better than ever!

1. 24 Bizarre Creatures of the Deep, with stunning pictures of some of nature's most brilliant and bizarre monsters.

2. Black hole destroys a small galaxy, Death Star style, with a stunning picture to boot.
(at this point Scarlett sat herself in front of the screen and is making typing a tab difficult to do...)

3. Porn for girls, by girls. I can't say I agree with everything, but it is stuff that'd make us melt XD.

4. Geekerama aplenty; Five awesome sci-fi inventions and why they'd actually suck is they ever came to existence. I know, I know, I always wanted a holodeck myself, but the guy has some good points there...

5. Stress bakes your brain, but how can you un-bake your brain? OK, so there are a couple of medicinal tips here that smell somewhat of a commercial but the other tips look very good, try it.

6. Let's play Buffy on phantom power and have a look at modern day's biggest power vampires. Look at the list and have a good think about the electrical appliances you leave plugged to heir sockets when you don't need them.

7. Ants are good for camouflage as well as for food, claims a new study about ant-snatching assassin bugs who use a backpack of their prey to avoid being noticed by vision-guided predators. This reminds me of one of Dick Winters' Battle of the Bulge stories, though the anal prick couldn't see the dark humor in using dead enemy soldier bodies to cover his foxhole. Ah well, when you're that full of yourself others just can't be properly comprehended.

8. The origin of whales; a small deer-like mamal, latest study claims. Now let's take a break to wrap out brains around the concept of those huge flippers starting off as tiny dainty matchstick legs deer have...

9. Not my cattle of fish quite just yet, but still quite an interesting mystery pondered here; why pregnant women don't tip over! To be honest, I never ever thought about that. The next obvious mystery is, I suppose, why bosomly-enhanced porn stars don't tip over...

10. We'd all be very sad if we couldn't laugh at the germans, right? So here's Hitler on Facebook (the place I refuse to join due to over-popularity) I find the family album particularly amusing.

11. And speaking of World War 2, the BBC have raised a truly stunning project - The People's War. It is an archive of personal testimonies from almost every angle of that war from POWs to citizens of all sides to soldiers to partizan's. It is an amazing gift to future generations and is a goldmine to history-infested writers like me with a need to research.

12. The Great War in color! This small article contains some beautiful pictures of a world long gone and a war that should have never happened. These are really, really stunning pices.

That's it for today, hope you enjoyed the links!


Sarah said...

That...that first link.......Jesus :(

Especially this fella:

Meirav Rath said...

Ah, yes, deep sea monsters are wonderfully bizzare little things, aren't they?