Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Book Report

Finished reading Alan Levy's Nazi Hunter.
All in all a good book; it was balanced, well written, informative and composed. It's a very good book if you're just starting up on the subject of the holocaust, or as a book to inform someone who only vaguely heard about it and give them a better, deeper knowledge of what happened where and when. It's not THE most informative book but the subject it covers, it covers with enough good details to not leave a job half assed.
Something did bother me, though, and that was the fact that - the way it's written in the english version I read it in - it's aimed completely and quite obviously to an American audience. Every unit of measurement or currency is translated to inches/pounds/dollars, and many times there are little footnote marks to often unimportant comments on other bland subjects. I suppose the Levy's ideal scenario in buidling this book is some history-ignorant American person's eye caught on the cover's shocking colors and inviting title, tempted to buy it and from its pages gather the very critical knowledge on the works of war crimes, cruelty, and justice as Weisenthal himself would love to have done and have done when he was alive.
However, if you're like me and already read quite a few things about the holocaust, all the little footnotes and pointless translations to a currency and measurement system which is not mine, is very, very distracting and often annoying.
It's a good book, an educational book and I have learned a lot from it and enjoyed reading it, I won't say I didn't enjoy it, but it could do some work.

Next up: Marion Zimmer Bradley's The Mists of Avalon.

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