Friday, June 6, 2008

*waves smoke away*

I got a job! I'm now a proud (and happy) worker in a PET SHOP in a neighboring city's mall. Yeah, Couldn't have thought of a better part-time job for me than that, huh? I'M SO HAPPY!! A hissing cockroach walked on me and a tarantula walked on me and a leopard gecko bit me and a budgy walked on me and an ara parrot missed pooping on me and rats smelled me and a siberean hamster yelled at me and *can go on forever* fun fun!!

On a different note; the hyena experiment is under a bit of problems. Here's a short video you can sort of make out my mood from:

Goodnight and happy D-Day anniversary.

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Michal said...

yay!!!! congrats!!! now you can have guinea pigs nibble you, fish stare at you, and birds serenading you. bliss!