Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy birthday, Israel

* The second semester started and though the fallen soldiers memorial day and independence day cut two days off the week I managed to experience most of the classes (save for Evolution). So far so good, and here's what we have this time:
Microbiology - the prof. of which is a chubby and huggable little Sweedish Chef lookalike who's prone to smiles and staying off boring subjects.
Mulecular Biology - lead by a prof who sort of looks like Christopher Ryan with a little more hair. So far, boring as hell, actually, but tolerable.
Invertebrates Lab - only had classes so far but it's fun fun fun; lots of cool facts about inverts!
Evolution - which I have yet to have a class in but it should be interesting, lead by the last prof who taught us Animal Behavior.
Animal Behavior lab - AWESOM!! Hooked up with uni-gang-member Dana to work on steriotypical beharion (a.k.a pacing in our case) in the striped hyena and stone martens of the zoology garden.

* We're so kicking ass with that animal behavior lab project; we already have the experiment procedures figured out and a plan all ready and that SO impressed the guides and prof, way cool. We're going to make toys so the little beasts won't be bored and neurotic which also contributes to their quality of life ^_^

* Today is independence day for Israel and we celebrated by going to Jerusalem's Israel museum and science museum. The first was very nice, had a lovely mini model of Second Temple Jerusalem and the Kumeran scrolls along with some modern art I wasn't bothered with and a show of liberated art stolen from jews by the nazis.
The science museum was fun and cool and the exhibition about medicins and drugs had a bit where you can build molecules from beads and bonds and such and I made Alanine in a peptide bond with Cistein. Yes. Nerdy. I know.
The first museum also had a fantastic book about crusaders in Israel, their beginning, their various waves of conquest and their way of life and I got it for almost 200 shekels less its original price because the cover was mis-glued to the paper. Luckily, my grandfather worked at a printing house and dad knows a thing or two on fixing these things. Basically, I got an extremely cool book for dirt cheap ^_^

Ta ta!

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