Sunday, July 6, 2008

Boring books, too much work and one eye-candy

* I'm not reading Lewis Carroll anymore, I'm fed up with it. Here's why:

Complete Illustrated Lewis Carroll ((Wordsworth Collection)) ((Wordsworth Collection)) Complete Illustrated Lewis Carroll by Lewis Carroll

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I gave up in the middle of the Bruno and Sylvie saga. The Alice in Wonderland stories were fun and interesting to read but by the saga the nonsense and the bizzare attraction to young girls who are a symbol of prefection was getting on my nerves. Call me a cold-hearted person but there's only so much strangely-placed nonsese I can tolerate and if there's too much child-adoration and not enough plot I give up.

Don't bother with the whole collection; Alice's stories are quite enough to enjoy Carroll.

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* Too much work @____@

* Now there's a fine young man for you:


Michal said...

a captain Jack fan, are you? I think David Tennant looks mighty fine (although he looks older and a bit more worn out this season. Hmm... yeah, i'm picky with my men. ; )

Meirav Rath said...

Not sure I'm a fan yet, I've only watched the first chapter with him (what on earth has WW2 to do with it?!) but I do know how to spot a nice piece of ass when I see it ^_~