Saturday, October 27, 2007

Welcome post

Hello and welcome to my (new-ish) blog!

My name's Meirav Rath and I am exactly what this blog title says; fumbling in life, though I think I'm getting the hang of it now.
I'm a Bachelor's degree student in Biology in the Tel Aviv university. My goal academically, and in life, is to become an animal behavior researcher, and specialize in behavioral ecology or sociobiology (though the latter is what most appeals me). Currently I'm starting my own little research project about pheomelanin as a possible marker for social status in rock hyraxes, one of my favorite animals. Here's a picture of a hyrax, in case you've never seen one.

My top most favorite animals, however, are cats like this little bugger, Sam, my new cat.
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I have another academic hobby and I use the word 'hobby' because it's an auto-didactic hobby; I love history and particularly the Second World War, the Holocaust, Ancient Rome, Lawrence of Arabia, Zionism and various other scattered bits of history fancies. Often you'll see here posts about the last history book I read and liked/disliked. In general You'll see a lot of book reviews here.

I also write, when I find the time to do it, and the Livejournal account where I post my fiction and will post more fiction, is on the link page.

That is all, my friends, welcome new readers and old readers alike!

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(that's me, BTW)


Jenny said...

Hi Mei.

I hope that I can still keep up with you now that you're here.

-JenJen aka Foo

Matt said...

welcome.. look forward to hearing more. Always nice to have more blogs about behavioral ecology and the like..